Must Have Wig! FreeTress Equal Amberly

I am always looking for new protective styles so that I don’t have to do my hair. I have been wanting a wig with bangs for a while because the drama of plucking a wig part and trying to make it look natural is exhausting. I went looking for a wig with bangs and i found the FreeTress Equal Amberly wig!

I am in LOVE with this wig! I got it weeks ago and I throw it on whenever. The hair is quality and even reminds me of my own hair when it is blow dried and straightened.  It was not expensive and was SO easy to “customize”. I barely did anything to it but I still posted a YouTube video on my channel (Honest Hair Diary) about exactly what I did when I first got the wig.

It’s in the color 1B, it has straps in the back, no combs on the inside (but you don’t really need them), and it a little past shoulder length.

I will definitely be keeping this wig on hand for a while. I think every girl (natural or not) should have a wig they can just throw on and go for ad hair days, when they don’t feel like doing their hair, etc.

What do you guys think?

You can purchase it here on Amazon!! —> AMBERLY (1B Off Black) – FreeTress Equal Synthetic Full Bang Straight Wig

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7 thoughts on “Must Have Wig! FreeTress Equal Amberly

  1. Ohmygosh this wig is beaut!! Please don’t get me started on plucking a wig, it’s the most annoying thing ever! I don’t even bother anymore, I just stick on a hat and keep it moving x

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