Product Junkie? Read This

Brands come out with new products daily, and if not it feels that way. There is always a new product with a new name and new packaging but the secret is it does the same thing the rest of your products do. There are gels, thick creams, water based products like leave in conditioners, regular conditioner, shampoo, deep conditioners, edge controls/pomades, and oils. (I hope I didn’t miss anything.) Any new product out is a variation or mix of these products listed. You DON’T need 3 puddings or 6 conditioners for your one head of hair.

Now I understand wanting to try new things and products, that’s totally fine. BUT if you are trying to grow your hair or nurse it to health, this is the time to identify your staple products and stick to them. Consistency yields the best results.

(And even with saying all this I still can’t tell you what to do, buy what you want! )

elmo whatever

 If you know how you hair works and what it responds to, maybe then you can try more products and experiment.  My fear is that new naturals see influencers on YouTube trying out new lines weekly and feel impressed to get those products. While that is the goal for those videos I think it’s smarter to create a mental list of products you want to try in the future.

 If you find yourself buying new hair products daily or weekly, that’s a problem.

Anytime I go to a store I always look at the hair aisle to see what they have, if there’s anything new. I look as much as I want and as long as I want but 95% of the time I buy nothing. I want do my research on it first OR I genuinely don’t need it.

 Most of these products do the SAME thing. However, it is great to have variety being that there are so many because different things that work for different people. They all claim to give moisture, definition, shine, bounce, juice, whatever. I feel so un-phased by all the new names and ingredients. Everything has a new fruit, vegetable, or oil in it that’s the newest thing. If a new line has an ingredient that I love (like tea tree oil or aloe) I will be inclined to try it but otherwise I’m only trying it because I want to. Not because of all the glitz and glamour or fuss over ingredients.

I used to think that a certain product would transform my hair and have it looking great all the time. No, this was never going to happen but yes there are products that work great for me. See some of my favorites here, here and here. What really guarantees great hair is healthy hair practices, moisture, and consistency.

If you are a product junkie please stop buying today and save some money! If you are really that hooked buy and order sample packets and not the full bottle!

If products never work for your hair, investigate if you’re truly moisturizing your hair properly(apply products onto damp hair to lock in water), deep conditioning, or if you need a trim. There is no magic product that works for everyone, products won’t save your life unfortunately. Find some staples, stick to them, and make your natural hair life easier.

Comment and let me know below if you are a product junkie or you’re in recovery!

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