Best Headband Wig for Natural Hair

I got this headband wig off of Amazon, can you believe it?

I was influenced by @thestushlife on instagram and bought it immediately (check out her page!). I had been debating a headband wig purchase for a while but I immediately liked the one she recommended because it was a kinky texture and a natural length. I did not want a curly wig because they’re actually quite a bit of upkeep to get that wet curl look! I also did not want a super straight wig because although none of your hair is “out”, I would still be worried about it blending with the front of my hair. This wig is offered in many different lengths but I wanted something that looked like my hair, so I went with the 16 inch. Get the wig here!

Kinky Straight Headband Wigs for Black-Women – Human Hair Italian Yaki Straight Human Hair Wigs Easy to Wear Wigs 150 Density 16 Inch
by SYS hair

A lot of people have compared the headband wig phenomenon to half wigs which have been around forever (a rightful comparison. They’re essentially the same, you can secure your half wig and put a headband over the front. Half wigs also come in many different textures and lengths). I think headband wigs are better only because it comes with the headband built in. However, I don’t think they’re that revolutionary to be spending hundreds of dollars on them. That is why I love that this wig only cost me around $70.

This hair came with two stocking caps and a free headband. However any headband will work with this wig. I was SO pleasantly surprised at how soft this hair was. (I’m not used to human hair wigs). The roots are a little wavy and then the ends are kinky straight. It looks very similar to my hair after a blow dry! There is a comb in the front and back of the wig, and the headband is a velcro strap to secure the hair at the base of your head. The band in the front is black and already looks like a headband!


I put the wig on and put in some wand curls will my curling wand, and it was super easy! I took some pictures of the fresh curls, then later on that evening I brushed them out for a different look. Believe it or not these curls held for a few days, and I didn’t even use any product.

The only cons about this wig I can think of is the velcro did get stuck in my hair a little when putting it on (if I was more careful his wouldn’t have happened. it wasn’t really a big deal. but if you have messy twists/braids under your wig its easy for this to happen.) You need this wig because its equivalent to a wig with bangs – you don’t need much prep, you just slap it on! You can choose how much hair in the front you would like to leave out, and with every headband you get a different look. Check out my instagram (@honesthairdiary) to see videos of this wig and more photos!

I would 100% buy this wig again! Im so glad I have it. It looks just like my hair, easy to take on and off, and I’ve gotten so many compliments!

Would you ever buy a headband wig?

2 thoughts on “Best Headband Wig for Natural Hair

  1. Yesss love this !! So happy you’re enjoying your wig ! I agree it can get a bit tricky with the Velcro in the back but I love it none the less 🤍. I’m still wearing mine !! Thank you for the mention !!


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