Hair Accessory Storage

I bought these stackable drawers because I was long overdue to update how I stored my many hair tools. This includes brushes, flexi rods, perm rods, hair pins, hair ties, headbands, and more.Before I had them in a an open rectangular bin and it was such a mess trying to get what I needed daily. It was not organized nor aesthetically pleasing. I found these storage boxes on amazon and it had great reviews! You can see more about it on Amazon here. People used them for storing makeup, nail polish, and other beauty items.

I love that with this storage unit I can see what I need before I grab it, and if I need to buy another box I can stack it perfectly on top of the ones I already have. I also like that the clear boxes give it a modern look which will match mostly any décor.

These boxes however are not big as I need them to be to fit my rat tail combs and brushes, so unfortunately I had to find another place store those items. BUT it is cute enough to fit on my dresser without taking up too much space, so I appreciate that.

How do you store your hair tools? Having natural hair means you accumulate a lot of these things over time!

Read more about some of my favorite things here.

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