How Product Packaging Influences a Naturalista

There has been an increased demand for more innovative packaging in the natural hair community. Being that there are a plethora of hair products specifically designed for multicultural, ethnic and natural hair, each brand is working to stand out from the rest!

Does each brand’s packaging choice influence whether the consumer picks it up or not?

Of course the short form answer is YES. But why and how?

products aisle

I can definitely say that I have passed up trying a product based on its packaging and appearance.

Anybody else with me?

Judging a book by its cover if you will. The packaging of a product includes the color and theme of the labeling, the shape and size, the nozzle, etc. I like bright colored labels, but I also like clear and simple looking bottles, and I can appreciate an eco-friendly look. It helps for a brand to have a streamlined look when it comes to their product lines, so you’ll want to buy all of it!

It helps for a brand to have a streamlined look when it comes to their product lines, so you’ll want to buy all of it!

If the bottle is dark or opaque I’m automatically turned off. Typically bottles are transparent which allows the consumer to visualize the product. Personally I like to be able to see the product and its consistency, as this hints towards how it will work for my hair.

I’m also judging based on the size and shape of the bottle. This is to determine if I am getting my money’s worth! I don’t normally look at the metric measurement of the product but if I see a tall bottle of course I think I am getting more bang for my buck than a small stout round container.

Brands put their product in certain shaped bottles for different reasons. Creams, custards, and deep conditioners are mostly found in round deep containers. This allows more control when taking out the product you need to style your hair (way more than a dime size), which is why it makes sense for it to be in a container with such a wide mouth.

Products of a lighter and thinner consistency like leave in conditioners, oils, and shampoos are typically in tall slim bottles. They have mouth openings like lotion that help you have more control over what you’re letting out of the bottle.  Bottles with a small push spray pump are not getting my attention. It takes forever being that only a small amount of product releases per spray. I need something that will be easy to apply in an appropriate amount when I am doing my hair! Doing my hair already takes long enough as it is.

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I typically enjoy lighter colors on labels and stray away from labels that are too busy. Have you ever seen a label with so many decorations and pictures and find yourself struggling to find the name of it? I want to know exactly what this product does, meaning all the specs should be listed on the bottle itself. I don’t want to have to Google “what is a hair custard crème brulee” while in store and research what it’ll do for my hair. Metallic and/or shimmery labels come off gimmicky and I cannot take it serious enough to spend money on it.  Concise and straightforward labels always win.

Concise & straightforward labels always win.

I also value when a product has directions. I know most of us don’t read them but it informs you of how to use the product and suggests when in your regimen it would fit best.

Check out this article that has more information on this topic specifically in the ethnic hair community!

How does packaging and physical appearance influence the products you buy?

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5 thoughts on “How Product Packaging Influences a Naturalista

  1. Loved this because it’s so very accurate. Shea Moisture and Carol’s Daughter to a really good job at labeling for the consumer. I just found your blog today and I’m definitely following to keep up with the rest of your content. Looking forward to your future posts!
    Stop by sometime,
    Mena | 🌷

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  2. I absolutely agree with this post!! I find it difficult picking out products. If it’s a product I’ve never heard I start looking up reviews online. Imagine how long that takes lol. Marketing and visuals plays a big role in how products are precieved to the public. I also like to look at the consistency of the product along with testing out the texture and smell prior to buying if I can.

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    1. Omg yes yes yes lol, I do the same. Looking up reviews can take forever ! And by looking at the consistency I can already tell if it will or won’t work for me lol. Thanks for reading and commenting !


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